Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can't wait to go home and play with my sewing machine!

My fortune cookie today said that "Good ideas will spring forth naturally from your mind in the coming week" Well this is GREAT - one more good idea and my mind will expload! Ever since I gave my brain a rest from all that Anatomy and Physiology it has been swelling from all the ideas I had. I sort of transformed my working place into this crafty station and every evening since then have been dedicated to creative projects.
Surely I am a beginner, but I love the process and, quite honestly, the results as well. The amazing thing to me is that I will be improving with time and will be able to do more and more complex and beautifull things.
I will be posting some of my projects soon. Hope it would be helpful to someone.

Also can't wait to get my inspiration books!

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  1. Hey, I don't remember you buying my sewing machine!


Thanks! :)