Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New toy...

As I found out from my counselor today I am actually doing very well with my DH prereqs and should be able to be one of 30 people to get into the program for 2011! To say that this was a surprise it to say nothing. As I was driving home I was thinking that God gave me crying eyes as tears were streaming down my cheeks. I cry form happiness and thankfulness, I also cry from shame and regret. This time it was from amazement and thankfulness. To know that I have a chance makes it easy to study as much as I do.

Today I was trying out my new camera, here are some pics:

This is my recent creation - Elka. She is still waiting for her hair, they just shipped it today. have many tempting things for a doll maker.

Today was my day off so Evgeny and I had our usual tea with p&b sandwiches for breakfast.

New camera

For lunch we had chicken with vegetables and rice

My Evgeny

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