Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No pictures

This one would contain no pictures... Boaring! Yeh, I know, but it's MY blog, so THERE!
Eh... I'm at work now... Mom and Donny left and I am practicly running the store. Now it finaly got quite and I have some time to think...
I have been thinking about this lately. Is it possible to find someone like yourself? Because people that are arround me, except for Evgeny ofcourse, but he's not much into my business, so he doesn't count... So... people that are arround me are... well it feels like they don't relly have piece inside, they are not at piece with themselves. I think this is why they got to drink and party and be in the croud. On the other hand I do not share that feeling. Thank God (thank You-thank You-thank You <3) I am at piece - very much so! I love what I do, I know what I want, I do what I like, I feel so happy, so content, so determined, so thankful! Oh I hope it would always be this way!
The only thing I am lacking (there is always something... :) ) is someone who could share my passion for crafts and hand made beauty and family and home decoring and that piecefull, happy time.
I do have Evgeny, who shares it with me although he doesn't do crafts, but we are always togeather in the same room doing our own things, and then there is my mom - my best friend, who I enjoy having teas with and long talks, then there is Donnichka who helps me with my picture taking. Yeh, I am not alone that is for sure and I definetely do not feel lonely, just wish I could learn crafts from someone and share ideas like that... Wouldn't it be fun?..
Or maybe I just need kids? Haha... Yeh some day...

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