Saturday, June 5, 2010

Two inches high and adorable!

Ok, so I can't help it but share the little thing I made today! Made it for my tiger - Evgeny! It's about 2" high and adorable! He has a little cross stitched heart, belly button, whiskers, tiny claws, a tail and even a butt hole! :) I had fun making this one!

If someone wants to try this out, I used half of the embroidery thread (you know how they come in 6, well I just used half of that) - orange, white, brown, and a little black for nose and whiskers and a #6 (1mm) crochet hook. I used this pattern as a guide and added some details. You can make it any size you like, I just love to make tiny things!

* * *

Tomorrow is going to be a pin cushion day, I am going to try to make a pretty pin cushion using a pattern from one of my inspiration books. I already bought some of the supplies needed!

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