Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cereal, Movie, and Voting

First of all... Listen to this. Did you know that Regina is actually Russian born? I was listening to this and she started singing in Russian, I almost fell out of my chair - did not expect that. I feel proud! Well, listen to this, I think it is an amazing song!

Now back to my little life. I had tests every week for a month and got exhausted! Today was the last one for this week and I was so happy to finally be free from the thoughts of school. I ate my cereal taking some pictures on the way and headed to the campus.
(Did I tell you I love sugary chocolate cereal... or anything chocolate for that matter...)

Also in the evening I voted for the first time! Yey! :)

After I voted for all the good (hopefully) people, my husband and I watched a good, in my opinion, movie called (500) Days of Summer. I would recommend it for its originality and beauty, but I didn't fully get the message of it, especially the last couple of sentences about life not being about fate or accident or plan or anything... I don't know, but you should watch it! Really good music in there too!

I am off to sleep! Night!


  1. She's Russian? I love the country & language but I would never expect her beign from there.

  2. She sings Boris Pasternak poetry


Thanks! :)