Friday, October 22, 2010

If Only...

If I would have the money, I would right now move to a red brick house in Pennsylvania and have lots of kids!

Oh how I wish I could do that!

Having Christmases with the snow and enjoying the golden season of fall, having sun light in our rooms that doesn't kill all the plants and having a perfect house of our own... with a red brick fire place and book shelves all arround it and a soft rug with pillows by it, so that I can read all the wonderful books to my babies by the fire... A kitchen in a country stile with nice white wooden cabinettes and a cieling rack for utensiles, where I could make delicious meals for my family that we all could then enjoy in a sunlit diningroom, with a view of green and more green outside... With a big enough bathtub that I can actually fit in and enjoy a cup of tea and a nice book... With a little garden in our back yard, where we could grow our little fruits and all the greens without sprinkles and artificial soil, where trees are large and green and give lots of shade for my babies to play in... With a little room of my own where I could create and enjoy the creativity within me... With an attick that my husband dreams about for his projects...

This doesn't even feel like a dream, it is almost like a plan! I only hope that God doesn't mind this plan and is going to help me with it!

Oh, what is one to do when she is obsessed with an idea that seems so unrealistic?.. I barely can think of anything esle...
P.S. The picture is from and is of an actual house in PA for sale. Isn't it lovely? This is everything I could ever dream for!


  1. good luck with realising your dreams :)

    and yes, definitely, the house looks perfect!


Thanks! :)