Friday, November 26, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today, for the first time since I came here, I ended up not going to some kind of trip with my family - my mom, and my dad, and my brother went and I stayed. This kind of shocked me, because I have never done that before, but I just couldn't go. My reasons being that I have a sick husband and lots of studying before two weeks of finals ahead... Can you feel it? Sounds so grown up! It hit me today that the fact that I couldn't go, meant that I have a little family of my own now to take care of. No matter how nice my husband was to let me go, I just couldn't leave him alone at home and that felt good! As I was laying in my bed trying to decide weather I should go or not, I asked God to help me make the right decision and I did not regret the one I made.

Because my Evgeny felt bad about me staying home because of him, he took me to a restaurant for lunch and then to a book store so that I can pick a couple of inspirational books for myself. As I always do, I piled a huge amount of craft and photography books and magazines around a cozy arm chair and tried to evaluate which ones I want to take home with me. Well as I was doing so, it struck me how on the ones that ended up in a to-take-home pile some familiar names popped up - people who's blogs I enjoy to follow! One of the books I was excited to take home was Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements by Susan Tuttle

I have also seen an interview with this lovely lady in a magazine called Artful Blogging which is now in my collection of inspiring books as well.

There were more there and there that I just don't recall, but it was sure fun to randomly bump into these wonderful people's work, because following their blogs is almost like knowing them.

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