Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whens and Ifs...

When I will have my house, I will have lots of open cabinets around the kitchen where I would put lots of beautiful and colorful plates, cups and pots! Like these:

I can't wait to have lots of money so that I can do what I want! :)))))

I have been thinking hard on presents for THE holiday of the year that is coming up! I have some good ideas, but can't share them yet, because someone might read them and it would be no fun!

Also today we have couples dinner with Marsel and Cameron which should be yum yum and fun fun! Can't wait! It is so awesome to have a friend who is as married as you are and is as young as you are at the same time! (haha)

P.S. all the pictures are from anthropologie of course! :)

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  1. Love the new banner! :) I wish I had a house right now too....Anthropologie would be all OVER that house. Haha. Wishing you a well weekend. :)


Thanks! :)