Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fairys and Apricots

Yesterday I finished my pin cushion... It was too late so here it is today...

Today was a crazy busy day. I had to do some stuff at work (yeh even during a days off...) then I went to one of my favorite stores - Hancock Fabrics and bought some inspiring fabrics and other things...

Then I went to my mom's place, remember the apricots?.. Well here they are!..

Look how tiny the tree is and so many apricots! This is the Vegas sun for you!

I took them home and made yummy banana bread with apricots..

I also made baked meat with potato. If anyone is interested you put thin cuts of pork on a greased pan in one layer, spice it and cover it with thin layer of mayo, put thinly sliced and separated rings of onion, then thinly sliced potato, another thin layer of mayo and cheese. Put it in the oven under 425F' for about 30-45 min.

And I decided to take my own lunch with me to work tomorrow, because I am simply sick of that Panda Express that is right next door to us and is THE ONLY place where I eat when I am at work. So I packet some things and am even excited about it! I took misou soup, peach parfe, Hawaiian passion fruit tea, "smart" snack, avocado, cherries and strawberries. I also am going to make some cheese toast tomorrow and take some of that banana bread with me. Sounds good! :)
This is it for today. It's 10:00pm and I haven't even started on my new project! I want to make a fairy for every room that would be matching the room. Different clothes, hair and accessories depending on the setting, color, and mood of each place. Like if it is kitchen it would have an apron and a skillet or a spoon, and if it is a bathroom it would have a towel and bath robe an so on... FUN! I am using a pattern from THIS book...

That's it for today! :)

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