Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Projects Are Getting Done, Parks Are Being Walked - Life Keeps Being Amazing!

I think I made a sort of commitment to write every day. So... today I finished one of the gifts, there is one more to go... I also thought up of this thing with a store and charity and soap and I am very excited, but I need to try it out first and then I will talk more about it.

My love and I went to the park tonight - me to shoot some pics with a bulb and him to give his RC car a run. The weather was cool, kinda chilly for a Vegas summer night, but I enjoyed it a lot! We both ran out of batteries very soon and just took a walk around the park. Then watched Valentines Day. Haha! So cute!

Oh! I never told you about the bathroom rug. Well, it's very simple. You take any fabric - T-shirts work out great! Use some dirty or small ones that you usually throw away. Cut them up in stripes. If you want to you can sew them together later, but it is easier if you just cut the fabric zig-zag, that way all the strips stay connected. Then use a big hook to crochet a circle. I start with 2ch, then 6 sc into the second ch from the hook, join, ch 1, then sc 2 in each ch, then 1sc in each ch, then just make sure that you add some 2sc in one ch equal amount in each round. And that is it. I only had 3 T-shirts, one mine and two Evgeny's. I wear XS and he wears M so there was not enough for a full rug, so I added some cotton fabric in the middle to make it fun.

I really grew fond of my mom's sewing machine! We have so much fun! Maybe I should look for one of my own...

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