Monday, June 21, 2010

A Bit Hurt But Happy!

Today I sent myself yet on another journey with my sewing machine. I am having way too much fun with it and all the quarter yards of fabric that I got. I am making something for two very special someones who might peek into my blog from time to time, so I am not going to reveal who and what it is, but I am sure having so much fun making it! It is my first sewing machine project without a pattern, so far everything is good!

In the morning I went to church with my friends and my brother. I am not going to tell the whole story because this is suppose to be my happy zone, but I got hurt. I ran to my Love, curled in his arms and only then could I feel happy again. Of course I still had a great day! If it wouldn't be for Evgeny, I would be so lost, but he is my hope, my joy, my strength. Well, God of course is, but that is why He sent me Evgeny in the first place!
Anyways it made me realize again that I don't really have a good friend. All of the people I talk to and even sadly people I have known for so long, do not value our friendship. If I go to them when I hurt (which I don't even do anymore...), all they would say is that they are sorry, if I try to hang out with them, they somehow manage to leave in the middle of the whole thing every time, if someone hurts me they laugh (which happened today by the way...). Of course I have my Love and he is always there for me, but he is a guy, naturally, and - thanks God - doesn't share my interest in crafts... I wish I would have someone I could sew with, share ideas, trust my secrets, get some advises from and give some to, maybe share the joy of being a wife and a mother some day, have kids who would be friends, go shopping for house things together... I almost know exactly what I would want my friend to be, but I never have met anyone like this... Most of people like that are older I guess... I don't know. But I think I am going to avoid my "friends" from now on, because every time something happens and they make me feel miserable... For the record I don't think I really deserve this, I am not that horrible and boring of a person that I shouldn't have anyone around me who cares... I think I just haven't met the right person yet... If you are around my age and are interested in the same kind of things and are looking for a good friend, let me know... :)

Oh well, enough of that! I had the funniest thing for breakfast today - boiled green eggs! (the pic doesn't give it good justice) It was yummy! :)

Tomorrow is another day off! Many things to be done! Have a great night everyone!

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