Monday, June 28, 2010

Sushi, Pillows, and Humming Birds

Have you ever thought what humming birds do at night? They hibernate! Every night, can you imagine!? An geese have internal clock, so they know what time it is! I can't help but marvel at all the God's amazing creations! Isn't HE just the perfect Creator?!

I finished my first kitchen pillow today! I was too lazy to actually find out how it is SUPPOSE to be made, so I just went blah with it, and I kinda like the outcome... What do you think? Now remember I am a beginner, so don't be too rough...:)

I tried to tackle sushi rolling techniques today... Made a couple of California Rolls... If you want to make one you can find a recipe online, I am too lazy right now to write it out. However I would like to say that if you think it is difficult, it isn't really. You will need some special ingredients that you might need to go to an oriental market for, like special sticky sushi rice, wasabi, ginger, or the green sheets of sea weed...

I love to get nice things on mail. Today I got this inspirational card, because I donated money to the World Vision. You all should check it out!

And I got some of my soap making supplies. Tomorrow I will pick up the rest from this supplier in Vegas and start my project! Can't wait!

Hope everyone had not-so-tiring Monday!

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