Saturday, July 17, 2010

Feeling Vintage

Feeling kind of vintage today. Maybe it is because I have been searching for vintage pearl jewelery for half a day, or maybe it is because I've read this article today about Merilyn Monroe's house going on sale. By the way! This house is amazing! I am so building myself one like that in Vegas, when I get a chance! They sell it for 3.5 million, but I bet to build a new one just like it, would be no more than $500 000. I mean look at this! It is everything I ever wanted - small but cozy, natural, filled with light (the roof window in the kitchen is an amazing idea...)!

Here are some pics taken from the actual listing:

Isn't that everything?!
Well, so, inspired by one or other, I dug through some of my very vintage treasures that my grandma gave me, that her mom gave her, that her mom gave her mom! Isn't that something?! I love things like this! This is why I decided to make my own treasury chest and keep all of these things along with some of my own treasures for my future kids! This is one more project into my big and heavy project book, but it's all good - my projects are my way to keep me busy so that I don't have to think too much about how I don't have any friends and how no one cares about me and how life sucks (haha, I sometimes tend to get into that silly kind of thing...).

Craving for more old things, I looked through two of the oldest books I have in my house. Both of them are there because they are so old, they are too much fun to just throw them away.

Then searching Etsy for inspirations I found this store! Just wanted to share, I think it is lovely!

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