Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teddy Bear Collection and Wedding Shopping

I know, I know, I am so not posting every day now! Well, it's not all about consistency, I just do it when I have time and feel like it. I will say that having a bit more followers would be nice, as my store promoting haven't gone anywhere, because I only have 3 followers. I got to admit though, I am very bad with recruiting friends and followers, and as a result I always had very few people at any public networking place like this. Oh well, if anyone feels like my blog is worthy of reading, please follow, or at least help me promote my charity store! I am in big need of promotion!

Ok, to the point. The past few days have been crazy shopping days! We shopped for wedding, so it was fun, but also exhausting! In the last two days I spent 10 hours shopping (isn't that crazy?!) Well, we bought a wedding dress, a wedding party dress, and two wedding rings! I am so excited, but I am not going to show you anything, because I don't want to share bits a pieces, but rather show the whole big picture in a huge post! If you are the kind who likes happy occasions, stay tuned! We are getting married at the end of August!

Also in the morning today I finally started working on our kitchen curtains! I have to admit, I was not prepared to deal with so much fabric! It is everywhere! I think I am doing pretty well, but it is definitely a different experience for me. It is worth it, though, we will have 100% linen curtains, that look so pretty on the sun, when the linen pattern shows!

Since I am not going to share my wedding preps pictures just yet and this is all I have been doing all this time, and I hate to post text without pics, here is my teddy bear collection. These are very special bears and here is why...

- These three are shipped for me from Russia! My Evgeny shipped the big one with many hearts specially for one of our Valentine's Days, and the two little ones were sent to us for Christmas! They are heavy and so so adorable!

-This one I needle felted myself. My first needle felting project. :)

And this was my first hand made gift to my Evgeny as well as the first Valentine's Day gift to him EVER! :)
Well this is it for now. Have any plans for weekend? I managed to buy a couple of outfits while wedding shopping, so I want to go somewhere so that I can wear them! Also I hope to make something tasty this weekend and will be sure to share the recipe with my hopefully multiplying readers. :)
Have a great Friday!

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