Sunday, July 11, 2010

Delicious Simplicity

The weather today was amazing! Loads of sun and a bit of heavy rain, all at the same time! I love when weather contradicts itself like that!

Friday my mom and I went to the spa to get massage, which is exactly the one that healed me from my cold. Well, in there they offered strawberry water to people, which is plain water with strawberries soaked in it. I thought how simple, yet refreshingly summery. So I decided to make my own... I also added mint leaves (that I by the way now grow on my dining table in a champagne glass), and lime.
I have to admit, the outcome is more than satisfying! You should try it! There is no recipe really, just use your imagination!
My mint! Mint is one of my favorite plants - so easy to grow and the smell is amazing!

Oh, by the way, yesterday I finished my second kitchen pillow for Evgeny. He liked it. Our kitchen is slowly turning into something decent.

For dinner we went to my momichka's place for a little pool party. Here is the stupid ET cat again:) She is so rarely seen that whenever I see her, I can't help it but snap a picture or two.
While we were at mom's house the lights went out, so we were forced (not that we really were against it anyways) to have our desert in candle light.
Donnichka rescued our banana pudding desert by whipping cream using a battery powered drill with a whisk attached to it, cause remember there was no power to use a mixer...
So everyone enjoyed delicious desert overcoming many obstacles such as darkness and high temperature, it was getting pretty hot there without the air conditioning.
How it ended I don't know, we left, but I sure hope they fix that power, I mean it is 110 F' even during the night out here!
I would like to ask everyone again to check out my etsy shop, help me spread the word about this charity project and get a chance to win a prize, come on people! :)

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