Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Ment To Tell You...

Now that I have a bit of time, I might as well just tell you another thing that I ment to share for a couple of days now.

This is off the wedding topic, but still cool...

Guess what my Evgeny bought for me past Sunday?
He got me a RIFLE! Not just any rifle, but the best one of its kind - Ruger 10/22 Carbine. Never could I imagine that I would be a shooter, but guess what... it is SO MUCH FUN! This rifle is specially bought for me, because all of his rifles are military antiques from WWII and even WWI - they are too heavy and have too heavy of a recoil, but this one... It is light, smooth, no recoil at all, easy to operate and so much fun! And the best part is that it can't kill anyone (you know, just in case... :) ).

We went to a shooting range the same day and had a blast! He is so excited about it and it makes me even happier! He even saved my first target to show how well I did! I did pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Ok, I'm going to sleep now! Good night!


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  2. Awesome new banner! :) Plus, I love how you've photographed a gun with a fuzzy blanket. Lol. Fabulous and fierce. Love it! One thing that I've been wanting to do really bad this year is go to a shooting range! Have fun with your new toy! :)


Thanks! :)