Wednesday, August 4, 2010

T-shirts, Stamps, and Pumps.

Oh man oh man! This wedding preparation is driving me nuts, but in a good way of course! I work all the time till 6:00pm and after work I run to get some things done for the wedding! I make pictures and mean to share everything with my readers, but I never get time!

Yesterday my mom and I were getting the invitations ready to sand them first thing in the morning. The invitations came up to be lovely, nothing fancy, but very special. Momichka made a funny little poem to put on it to make it special and we included one of our old photos, where we are all young and happy (not that we changed much... :) )
Aloe Drink
(Aloe Vera Drink - yumm!)
In the process

Now, here is something I wanted to complain about.
I wanted to put postal stamps with wedding picture on my invitations, like rings, doves, or flowers to make it even nicer, so I went to the postal office inside one of the department stores after work and stood there for half an hour in line just to here that "no" the guy didn't have any special stamps, "no" he doesn't know where I could get them, and "no" he is not kidding. Then I went all around my part of town - Office Depot, Office Max, Wallmart, Smiths, Kinkos, even Part City - you name it, no one had it and everyone seemed to have an idea of where to sand me next... I got to my mom by 9:00pm without the stamps. Well, of anyone wonders (or maybe it's just me, I don't know) the only place that I know you can get them is online at, but if you are like me and you need them like tomorrow you can get some flower ones at your major postal office.

Today we went to look for my wedding shoes. I don't watch TV, so maybe I missed something, but I guess there is some kind of ban on white pumps. Every shade of pink, peach, cream, ivory - but no white! Again, we spent all evening and I came home with this lovely T-shirt that my mom spotted. She said the girl reminds her of me. :)

Guess how much I paid for it? I was anticipating about $20... When the cashier said $3, I realized that that just maid my unsuccessful shopping that much rewarding. So I came home quite happy, yet nevertheless exhausted!

We are slowly moving toward what should be beautiful, romantic, and the most special day of my life! O-o-o-o-o-h I can't wait!

Anyone knows where would be a nice place to shop for white shoes? I went to DSW and some local stores and a wedding place - nothing...


  1. Try they have everything.
    Can't wait to get an invitation!!!!

  2. I know about zappos, but I want to try them before buying! Thanks though! Your invitation is on the way, you better come back soon! :)

  3. Uhh... no help here since I've had mine sitting in a box for 3 years. I had noticed that they were becoming non-existent in stores, so when i found some nice ones with a good heel, i bought them. Haven't seen any since. I know-- comforting. :) They do have a fair selection online though.
    And anyway, what's with ya goin 'against the flow' here? EVERYBODY wears spazzy shoes for their weddings nowadays!

  4. I ended up getting nude pumps. I know I will wear them all the time after wedding! :))) Screw white shoes! :))))


Thanks! :)