Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salads Are Like Life

She really likes salads - fruit salads, hot salads, cold salads, exotic salads, even simple garden salads would do. She also likes flowers, but this is another story...
Salads are the way she can taste her own creativity - she enjoys trying new combinations, although for late dinner choice it is always some kind of a simple garden salad with lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, sometimes avocados, anions, graded cheese and something crunchy. Oh and of course dressing. Like any self respecting salad eater, she has at least three or four dressings in her refrigerator, but really eats only her favorite - Ranch. On occasion there is also self invented dressing that goes especially well with a self created combination of vegetables, nuts and some time fruits.

Salads remind her of life itself. It always amuses her how bitter, sweet, sour, or anything in between, can all come together to form a perfect unison of taste, smell, and texture. Life is like that, she thought while preparing a "good night" salad, there are sweet experiences, some are bitter, some you wouldn't even try if you had a choice, but mix it all together, add some nice dressing and you get yourself some fresh and appetizing life, served on the table of this world.

While consuming her "good night" salad, she smiled as a tingling sense of satisfaction ran through her taste buds and her mind - the salad was good and she was quite satisfied with the simile she made between her salad and her life...

She also liked similes...

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