Thursday, August 12, 2010

What it is like to have the best mommy and more...

Today was girls night out when my mommy and I went to see Dispeakable Me. Guys claim not to like childish stuff like this, but we are not ashamed of our love for animated movies - oh no! So we go just two of us, get some pop corn and soda and enjoy our cute and funny childish 3D wonder.

While surfing the web, I stumbled upon this website, and, as always, when I find something like this - where everything they offer seems like it was there just waiting for me - I get this crave to buy things. I try to resist, but can't help it. I usually don't buy what I can't afford, and what I want I rarely can actually afford, so I end up building plans and doing researches on where and how I can buy it cheaper. This particular website that I found today is for camera geeks, like myself here. They have cute cases for cameras, cool lenses, and more.
While looking at their wonders my desire to get a vintage Polaroid instant camera that actually works grew stronger and stronger... I would buy one today just like this....

Polaroid SX-70. I guess there are a couple of different versions - one that collapses and one that doesn't. My dad use to have the collapsible one and he said it was the best one at that time.
... if only the film for it wasn't so expansive - it's like $22 per 10 exposures if you are lucky to get a good deal... is that even normal? Is that what people pay for the luxury of having an instant photo? Kind of discouraged me a little, but I am still thinking about it...

Well, here comes the time of confession again, I was not able to resist one thing there... This was the first time in my life, when I paid $25 for a mug, but to me it was worth it! Just look at it!I wanted to have a special mug to drink my special yummy tea out of... well here it is! They are backed up on orders, so I have to wait for a couple of weeks to get it, I can't wait!!!

P.S. Pictures were taken form the above described website!

That is all for now. 3 days off and many nice visits and little celebrations await! I can't wait to get married! Just one week and 3 days left!


  1. You and your mom are so pretty Anastasia! :) I hope you guys liked the movie. My boyfriend and I LOVED it. :) Soooo funny.

    I want a polaroid camera too! No joke...and I agree about the film being so expensive. That's crazy. Plus, I've seen that mug! So awesome! Congrats on purchasing one! :D

    Enjoy your days off!

  2. You do have an awesome Mom! <3 She's sooo nice and sweet! :]
    Animated childish movies ROCK!!! :D I'm so glad you had a good time with your Mom at the movies :]


Thanks! :)