Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breadmaker And An Award All In One Day!

Oh my goodness, where did my one-post-a-day idea go? There is no time at all!
Well, got to tell you while I DO have some time. In the morning, we woke up because someone was knocking on our door. It was a post man bringing our last wedding present in - a bread maker from my grand mom. The best one of its kind! I was oh so excited to try it out, but had to run to class, so as soon as I got home I mixed up our first bread - Italian Herb. It takes 4 hours to make a two pound loaf so I do not yet have a final result, but here are a few photos of the process...

Also today while waiting for my husband to come home so that we can have dinner together I came up with a new weir but yummy snack. A slice of ham, cheese, avocado all wrapped in a sushi sheet. A bit chewy cut yum-yum-yummy!

Last but not least, I have received my first award! From this wonderful blogger. She is fun and loving and I feel like I know her as a good friend! Go check out her blog! I am suppose to pass this award on to twelve blogs that I enjoy reading. There are sure more than twelve that I enjoy, but I am afraid for now this will have to stop at me, because I have to run and do my homework and get ready for my test. I know I am no fun, but there are things in life you just HAVE to do, I am sure you all understand...

Hope you all can survive this Friday and then have a great weekend!

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