Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Butterfly Wings and Wolf Tails

Everyday after school, work, and all the homework I can fit in, I get about two hours of rest. Pure rest when I can do whatever I want. Now the trick is that because by the time I allow myself to rest it is about 10:00pm, I simply don't have strength to do much, so I watch movies or cartoons, or play one of my favorite games - Little Big Planet with one of my favorite people - my husband.
Now considering that I don't get much time for myself I pick my activities carefully, so Little Big Planet is not just a game, it is in fact the game of the year and there are many reasons for that. I love the way it is funny, creative, the music is soothing yet fun, there is no violence, no prejudice, it is colorful and just a perfect world of dreamy sack people.
I have my own costume in the game that I feel describes me perfectly. It is bizarre and fun and I love it. The most thought out part of the costume, besides the Russian hat, grey trench coat, and pilot glasses, is the wolf tail and the butterfly wings.
Why? Well first of all it looks funny, second is because that is how I kinda feel. The wings would describe the way I look - skinny, fragile, porcelain, young (people give me 14, no more, it's funny now that I am married...). Yet the wolf tail is how I feel - I am a fighter with a strong core and straight forward beliefs, agenda, and policy, I am also regretfully known for sweeping people off their feet with my straight-forwardness and internal strength.
Anyways, the school has been harsh on me, but I am doing good so fare, thanks God, and after all there are only three more month to go and I am done!.. until next semester anyways...
Hope you all have a great day, week, year, and life over all!

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