Monday, September 27, 2010

Tea With A Dino Out Of A Photo Lens...

I FINALLY got my lens cup! I have been waiting for 2 month! I wouldn't say that I am totally satisfied with the quality but there is nothing like feeling that rubber grip of a camera lens while drinking tea! Holding on to that lens bring happy memories and calms me down. I also got a cute dinosaur in a box and I named her blueberry, cause she is blue (very creative haha!) I immediately had some of my yummy tea from it and it was great! Can't wait for it to get cooler here so that I can drink more tea! You will not believe how many times I have complained on this weather in the past couple of month! Too bad my second half refuses to look for a better place to live! Well enjoy some pictures!


  1. It looks lovely Anastasia! I'm glad that you enjoy it and it brings back memories. :) Best wishes to you on the giveaway! :)

  2. I lpke it too it's look soo real!!!


Thanks! :)