Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buisy With All The Wrong Things...

I worked hard today to finish my "Welcome" doll so that I can dive into knitting without any tails hanging. I finished her, and she looks adorable!

Tomorrow is the day without homework and I am going to go visit my mommy to have some knitting lessons. I can't wait!
Can you believe my yarn has arrived already? I just ordered it a day ago!

I am also going to learn to spin yarn as part of my knitting adventure. I will share on that more later.

I wish I would be as excited about my school as I am about all of this goodness! I am barely hanging there, it is getting harder and harder to make myself study!


  1. You are SOOOOOO creative, Anastasia! I wish I was able to sew and create dolls or even a scarf. I need to learn that soon! I can't wait to see the turnout from the yarn you got! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Oh, love, thank you so much! You are so supportive! You can do it, just need to really want it. <3

  3. I think your welcome doll is very sophisticated.


Thanks! :)