Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Be Inspired By Simple

I was quite busy with getting my projects done. As a result here is a lovely bear - the first one made by my own pattern. I am a bit proud! :) Haven't come up with the name yet.

I wish I could show you some pictures of nature, but non have been taken, it is still quite hot and I wasn't able to find time during the day to plan a trip to the mountain. I am anticipating a family trip for the Thanks Giving holiday.

I did have time, however, to learn how to knit, or at least begin to learn, so I started on my scarf. It is not exactly a beginner piece - it is like knitting a spider web with twigs - very fine yarn and big needles, but I am having fun and can't wait to start spinning yarn!

Just thought I would give an update on the way my married life goes. I have been married for almost two month now - and I got to say, being married to my husband is the best thing that ever happened to me! I am so loved, happy, inspired, confident, full of plans for future!

Hope everyone is as inspired about something as I am! :)


  1. Oh wow! are sooooooo crafty! I wish I had your skills! The beginning of your scarf looks wonderful. I happy for you that married life is going great. You only deserve exactly just that and more! :)

  2. You have my skills, I have no skills - just desire. I just do what I want, and you can too! Thanks again! You are so loving and supportive! It is great to know you!


Thanks! :)