Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Blessing Of Perception

I can't tell exactly when it happened, but I became extremely happy. Not like crazy running around yelling yupeeee kind of happy, but just quite kind. I can say it now without thinking twice that I am such things as complete, content, satisfied, dreamfull, anticipating, excited, creative, hopeful - which for me is happy.
It was a huge and noticeable change for me. In two words - I use to be all depressed and then I became happy. That is pretty much it.
Whenever someone asks me for an advise, I try to give them an example from my own life, so talking about other's problems is also a good reason for me to analyze my own life. Today while giving an advice to a good friend I realized that a very important part of my happiness is my own perception on the situation. It's like in essence everything around us is just grouped particles that reflect light and the beautiful and the ugly is just the way our brain processes that light reflection that our eyes receive. A beautiful juicy red rose could look dull to those who's brain can't recognize red as red... It is all relative. Now there are things that are concrete, things that are no question good or bad, but there are very few of those and the rest is - perception. It is all about how we process things, how we chose to see them.
I choose to see my life as worth living, as full of adventures, love, and creativity. I have the best husband not because he is perfect (he is an amazing person, but no one is perfect), but because my perception of his qualities - good and bad - is distorted by my huge love and adoration for him - he is perfect to me because he is the love of my life and there is non better.
I was truly blessed and that is a fact, but the biggest blessing is my way of evaluating what is given to me and what is missing - it is all amazingly well planed out by the giver of all, by the creator, by the loving father. Thank you God!


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