Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Be Still

fall in December

Life is fast, it runs us down. Yet there is an amazing beauty within it that was made for our enjoyment.
I was thinking about this today as I was dragging at 25mph down the street full of orange leaves (and here we thought it was suppose to be winter...).
As most of us, I run through my day-to-day chores and the things that slow me down are speed bumps on my way - no more. But as I slowly passed through neighborhoods, filled with pretty houses and backyards, each with its own character, stuck behind some old lady going really slow, I realized that I am thankful to that lady for giving me this slow down.
These days our rushed life is accommodated - freeways, drive throughs, speed checkouts, instant meals... We forget what it is like to be able to go really slow, to not have to run from one destination to another, from one thought to another, from one person to another.
I suddenly realized that we actually did receive a fall season this year, that the house that I love is still for sale, that the bulb in the street light, that I have been passing for years, finally got changed. I realized that there is a reason to my choice of a path that I take to get home - it is slow, it is full of trees and homes, and I enjoy prolonging the anticipation of getting to the warmth and welcoming of my home a little more.


  1. I love days like those! Especially when you can just stop and look to appreciate everything that is going on. We all do rush too much and some times forget to just breathe. Thanks for the reminder and sorry for my absence lately. I hope you're doing well, friend! :)

  2. It's all good hun! I read your blog, I know you've been buisy. :)))


Thanks! :)