Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome, Beautiful!

Today we adopted into our little home just about the best Christmas tree I had ever seen! It is so fluffy and round! The minute we walked in, I saw it, and knew it would be perfect - so we got it!
We don't have too many decorations, since it is only our second year decorating our very own tree, but I do love the ones we own.
There are some cute ones that my awesome new family from Russia sent us. There is a whole set made of painted straw, and there is a Santa in feathers, and also a knitted Santa in slays.
toys collage

When picking our first decorations last year, I chose these tiny glass balls of various color that I adore!

Put it all together, add some lights and gifts and voala - such a beauty, I am so happy you are here! Even though according to the guy who sold us the tree, it now has to be 70F' (which is too cold for me) in order for you to stay this pretty for longer, I don't mind to put on an extra layer of blankets as long as you keep looking good!

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