Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrapping Fun!

The last exam is over, my brain feels swollen, yet my heart is finally at ease. It is as if I can breathe now! We were going to do some Christmas shopping, and what is most important get a Christmas tree, but Evgeny's car broke on his way home and it took me and him a whole day to take care of everything associated with this issue. So using some quite time at home I decided to wrap some presents. I was inspired by cakies to try and use whatever is around the house to wrap the presents, and boy did I have fun at it!
I was so excited, because I ended up using all kinds of things that I kept, unaware that I would ever need them. The presents feel personal, every one of them has a special touch to it, and at the same time my heart is not going to skip a beat as I watch money going down the drain, when the presents are unwrapped (not that I really worry about it that much, but wrapping paper is expansive, especially the nice and pretty kind).
It was therapeutical to just spend a couple of hours on creating a character for each present, leaving on it something to recognize and enjoy for the receiver, without feeling guilty for wasting that "valuable study time". I am sure going to enjoy some free time these nine month while applying for my DH program and trying to get all the ends tight.


  1. The presents looks very tempting. Can't wait to see what's inside.

  2. LOVE these! I especially love the gold wrapped ones. :)


Thanks! :)