Friday, June 18, 2010

My Resoraction

WE DID IT! WE FIGURED IT OUT! Oh I am SO HAPPY! Exhausted from all the fear that this whole thing will never happen, but SO HAPPY! Oh my future husband is just the best person in the world! I have a tendency to mess things up with my silly heart pouring on everything I do, but he is so wise! My hero! Oh I'm so happy! God is AMAZING! He is just so great! Always trust in Him and you will rejoice like I did!!!
So I wanted to share this one thing with you. If you ever think you shouldn't do something good, because you are scared, you should do it anyways. Today I was going through a drive through on my way from work to grab a burger. Prior to this I promised myself that the next time I will be in a drive through, I would pay for the person behind me. So this was my chance, but I was afraid, because you don't just pay and drive off, you have to wait for your food and the person that you paid for just stands right behind you and this is awkward. But I pulled it together and did it anyways. So approximately $6 later three people were in a better mood - me of course, the person I paid for (I mean there is no way you would be upset about a free meal), and the cashier (I bet he was christian and knew exactly what I was doing...). It is so happy to do good things, it's not even fare!
Ok, I'm back! I am all the way happy again... crazy, but I am not going to complain! I am off to watch Toy Story with the LOVE OF MY LIFE!

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