Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When everything goes according to plan...

Since I got another day off today, I decided to make it productive. In the morning I did my yoga+plate exercises (yes, I am going to try and keep doing them on a more consistent basis again...). Then I felt like an easy more nutritious breakfast, so I had an avocado with cheese and crackers and for the desert I made a surprise shake - that is when I put everything I can find in the refrigerator in the mixer... It ended up being very good, so here is the recipe: fresh strawberries, grapes, apples + frozen blueberries + milk + rocky road ice cream + chocolate souffle = yummy and filling shake. Then I spent the rest of the day finishing my bathroom rug and here it is... I am still very bad with working with bad light, so the pic does not give this one a good judgement. It is a great way to recycle T-shirts and tomorrow I will tell you more about it!

Have a good night everyone!

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