Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scones + Milk = Yumm

There is nothing more soothing then freshly bought scones + a glass of milk. It is especially needed after a long day of work some times... Blueberry scones are one of my favorite kind.
Scones + Milk = <3
scones + milk

Funny, but this is about all I can tell you for now, my readers, because the rest is all about wedding preparations. There are so many things to do! We have to quickly decide on a restaurant so that we can sand out invitations... It is crazy, but, oh my God, it is exciting! I am going to be a wife for goodness sake! I am keeping most of my excitement for the actual day! It is going to be the best day ever! AND I have THE BEST husband! He is the sweetest, most understanding, most loving! I mean, if you feel like you really want to be jealous right now (ha ha), you have every reason to be jealous because I got the best man! :)))

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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