Sunday, August 29, 2010

Childhood Fear Conquered!

Yesterday I conquered my childhood fear. I don't have that many of them, so this deserves its own post. What fear would you ask, well it's a fear of riding a bike. WHAT?.. Yeh, that's right, and here is the story...

When I was little I recall roaming on my huge bicycle (I mean, if you fall from it you are sure to break something...) through flats of grass fields and greens of forests by our summer house. Just like any other kid, I could not imagine my life without my set of wheels. Until I was going too fast in this neighborhood and a little kid jumped in front of me and I did not break in time... I did not hit him, I stopped right in front of him, but he got scared, fell on his butt and started crying. All the neighbors came out and started yelling at me and giving me looks, so I dropped my bike and ran away as fast as I could, came home and hid on our patio, so I could still see what was going on with the kid. NEVER since that day did I so much as even touched a bike...

Until yesterday. My family took me for a ride to a book store, and I quite enjoyed it. I am proud of my achievement, just thought I would share.

P.S. The photo is not mine, I rode at night and did not have my camera with me. So here is the source

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