Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elka's Fall Outfit

You know how sometimes you get tired of following patterns and instructions, you sit down and the creativity just pours out of you and you start making things that weren't even on your to do list?
Well it happened to me yesterday night.
As I set down for my usual hour of doing what I want - which was suppose to be knitting one of the Christmas presents, I looked at my Elka, who was sitting in a usual pose on my desk, and thought that she looks awfully undressed. Next thing I know, I am snapping fabric, sewing, knitting, messing up, fixing - I took no measurements, because I was afraid that the creative note will fade and I won't be able to finish. As a result we got Elka all ready to go outside and enjoy the cold and sunny weather. Check this out...

BEFORE she was like a little monkey - funny little El:
Elka Before

NOW she is a little lady, with her own fashion. I give you Elka's Fall/Winter fashion statement:
fall outfit for Elka

Isn't she just darling - that red hair sure matches all the colors of her outfit!
Elka Portrait
Elka After

All she is missing now is sues... will see what we can come up with...

Ok, I am back to studying for all of my test next week... Wish me luck cause I will need it!

Be on the look out for my little Christmas giveaway after Thanks Giving!


  1. Very cute blog! I posted an answer to your question at Google so check it up, but maybe you have already fixed your problem now.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Elka is fancy. All dressed up she might get into relationship.

  3. Thank you eva I figured it out already but thanks anyways!

    to sweetdreamlana: mom, you are such a goof ball! And she is too young you know! :))))


Thanks! :)