Sunday, November 7, 2010

Second Fun Weekend!

This weekend was fabulous! This is a second fun weekend in a row! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every day of my life, but this much needed time with my friends and family is sure appreciated!

So yesterday my husband and I went to our friends' house for dinner. My friend's husband cooked an amazingly delicious dinner that we all enjoyed! Well no surprise there, since he goes to Cardon Bleu - the school of cookery where Julia Child got her education as well! There were candles and tomato water in between meals, and nice nice conversations! This was quality time spent in good company with good food.
marsel and cameron

Today we went to church in the morning where afterwards we had more delicious food at their annual food festival! And after that I went to mom's house to help her cook dinner and plant some tulips in her garden.

And of course I could not miss the opportunity to get some pictures of her beautiful plants!

We had lots of fun, I finely got my craving for digging in some dirt satisfied a bit, had some tea with cinnamon and honey along with some sandwiches on the porch and took pictures of the best cat in the world! Oh and the dinner was delicious as always!
cat collage

I don't want tomorrow to come, because it is going to be all studying for the two tests next week, and there are more to come and I am freaked out a bit! Oh, school, be over soon!

I am sure you all had an amazing weekend that I am going to read about on your blog soon! :)

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