Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogging is Digging

Blogging to me is digging. I dig for treasures in my everyday life. I am so blessed, that I don't need to dig too deep to get to the treasures. And oh how beautiful they are!
Isn't it amazing to realize that almost every day is special, is worth documenting in some way, has its own charm. By the time I get to write, I am full of ideas. I sit down, take a deep breath and start going through pictures that I took - I find the best ones and edit them, as they would be the core for my writing. I see my pictures as not only something I have seen and was fortunate to be able to capture, but also as my mood setter for the day - I add colour and texture to them to express my mood, the mood of my day as much as possible, as I am still learning to work with camera and photoshop.
I use to ask myself if anybody is reading what I write, I use to doubt if anybody needs my writing. But now I know that at least one person needs it and that person is me. Blogging gives me an opportunity to sit down and analyze and when I am done, I look at what I have produced and I am satisfied with what I see.
Having my camera with me for the most random reason, to capture the most beautiful moment of the day is one of the best things that could happen to me as a blogger - and one happened today. Thank you Vegas, for the most rich sunsets in the whole wide world!
evening collage


  1. I love these photos and love the post. You are so right and I feel the same way about blogging. Even if no one is reading, I know that it's really for me. I am reading your blog though...just so ya know. ;)

  2. Me too, I love to read your blog, i love the way you express your thoughts, It's a tallant. Please, keep going!

  3. Oh, thank you guys. I am not going to quit, this is my selfish place. :)


Thanks! :)