Monday, December 13, 2010

A Productive Day!

Oh, indeed it is a productive day today! The first one in many weeks when I got to make things I love!
So a final was written (doesn't even matter how I did, just as long as I am done!)

A yummy pot roast was made

A cover for my project journal was finished (it is knitted out of that roving I spun myself - it is so warm and soft, just perfect to lay on a lap and write or sketch in, and creative as will be the projects recorded there I hope!)
journal cover

And another dolly was started - my favorite thing is to make toys, brings me so much joy! My kids are going to be spoiled!

Too bad my love wasn't here to share all that with me, he is still working and it is almost twelve at night! How crazy is that! Thank God it doesn't happen often!

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