Friday, July 23, 2010

Do You Need Recognition?..

I was thinking... Don't we all need at least some kind of recognition? I mean, I know I do, and I am the kind of person that doesn't go by what people say or think about what I do and who I am. Yet I just can't help it, but wonder if sometimes all of us need encouragement in the form of praise, adoration, marvel, or at least simple attention. Why is that? How come no matter what path we chose to follow, it is always helpful to walk with someone else? In that case it is great to have God, the One Who is always with us. How do atheists survive in this cruel world?.. Then it is also great to have some kind of support here, in a flesh form to hug, love, impress and care for...

Anyways, today I got my crochet hook kit on mail! It has every hook from 00 to 12 and from D to K! I am so excited!

I want to learn how to crochet baby clothes, because I want some day to have my babies to have nice clothes made by me, but then I think, maybe it is too weird, too early, I mean, we are thinking about kids, but I don't suppose it is going to be this year, or probably not in a couple of years... So what should I do? Does anyone knows a good pattern source for something adorable for a newborn?

I had some time today and almost finished my flower crochet for my jewelery chest that I was talking about a couple of posts ago.
crochet flower

I bought a wooden box, and decided to cover it in fabric and put some crochet motives on it. It should look great!

It is 10:40pm and my Evgeny is still not home from work! I am so upset!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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